Joan Cowden

Joan Cowden is a Traditional Western Herbalist, Teacher, and Health Empowerment Advocate.

Joan Cowden - Secretary
Joan Cowden – Secretary
Oklahoma Herbalists Guild

She continues her career education with an honors standing at the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism under the mentorship of Paul Bergner and Mary Barnes — and “any other way the universe brings to me.” And always, the herbs are my teachers.

I am a general member of the American Herbalist’s Guild, and an ambassador for the Global Coherence Initiative division of the HeartMath Institute, which explores our energetic connections to the planet, and intuitive heart flows between living beings. Reiki, Plant and Planetary Connection practices, and forty years of nutritional study and health freedom advocacy also inform my work.

Joan’s greatest love is working with plants, and sharing their ability to work with our bodies’ innate intelligence. She is dedicated to empowering and educating her clients regarding the role of plants, food choices and lifestyle in the healing process. While mindful of the fact that at times intervention from modern medicine can be lifesaving, She is passionate about moving our culture from a symptom-suppressive, machine-and-drug-based medical model toward food, plant, and energetic approaches that nurture true health.

  • To support those with an already healthy lifestyle in using herbs for their healing needs.
  • To help those with acute or chronic conditions nourish a return to health with herbs.
  • To share how herbs can lead us to better self care and health autonomy.
  • To foster a Remembering of our connections to the Life-Web of the planet.